I cannot believe we only have 6 more weeks until our little bundle arrives! 

When we found out we were pregnant all the way back in February, November seemed so far away. Even the first six months seemed to drag ... but now, we are down to 6 weeks! We still have quite a few things to get done ... like putting together Grayson's nursery, the stroller, packing a hospital bag and even going to a few classes we have been putting off (whoops!). 

Our first goal to complete is the nursery. We just moved about two weeks ago, so while the house is pretty much unpacked and good to go, the nursery is just a bunch of boxes and piles of clothes. I have everything planned out in my head of what I want it to look like, but now we just actually need to do it. I am hoping to do a post showing the nursery once it's completed ... which will hopefully be soon!! 

But at this time, I am just enjoying the last few weeks of us being just a family of two. Here are some things that I'm feeling at the moment...

Baby's Size: Butternut Squash

I'm feeling: Excited!! One of the best feelings ever is feeling the baby move around inside me. Sure there are sometimes kicks and jabs to the ribs, but I can guarantee this is a feeling I will definitely miss once he's out. Joey and I can't wait to be parents and welcome all the challenges and joys a baby brings. 

Foods I love: Cheeseburgers are still going strong, but my sweet tooth has come back with a vengeance ... particularly chocolate. We do try to not go out as often and cook from home, but the occasional burger is quite delightful! 

Food I hate: Chicken, eggs, and yogurt still make me squirm a little bit, but it's better. As long as I don't have to cook the chicken myself, I am pretty good. 

Currently living in: Leggings! I have some maternity pants but even those are getting to the point where it's just uncomfortable. Leggings and even dresses are my bff. 

Look forward to: Meeting baby Grayson!! 

Not looking forward to: Labor ... honestly the whole idea of labor scares me. I know I have to go through it, but it's the thought of not knowing what to expect that freaks me out. And trying to figure out when I need to actually go to the hospital. I have been experiencing those weird Braxton hicks contractions, but haven't had them so bad where as I contemplate calling the hospital. 

Fun fact: People are so nice to pregnant women! It's like just seeing a pregnant belly can turn the grumpiest person into a teddy bear! 

xoxo, Toni