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So I have had a Mac for most of my life and like they say ... "Once you go Mac you never go back." And my oh my is that true (at least for me). 

But the other day, I was looking at my desktop and realized that I was not a huge fan of the blue file folders. I know, sounds so dumb, but I thought, can I change the color of these?

And sure enough, yes! You can! So I did some research and figured out a way to do it ... and you can too! Just follow these super simple steps below... 

1. Get info on the icon (right click)

2. Click on the icon to select it (top left)

3. Edit (menu) > Copy

4. Open Preview

5. File > New from Clipboard

6. Tools > Adjust Color > Do this for all the sizes

7. Edit > Select All

8. Edit > Copy

9. Go back to the original Folder Get Info Window

10. Select the icon and paste

(You can also Save As to use the colored icon again). 

Easy peasy! So now my blue folders are black! But you can change them to whatever color you like. 

xoxo, Toni

PS... I got the desktop wallpaper here (click here)