Many of you have been asking for photos of Grayson's nursery, so here you are!! To be honest, I JUST finished his nursery last night ... even though he can come at any moment! I like to live life on the edge. 

When Joey and I first found out that I was pregnant, we were living in a tiny studio apartment trying to figure out where in the world we would fit everything. But a few months later and after much prayer, God provided a two-bedroom apartment and I was beyond excited to be able to now create a nursery for our little baby boy. 

After a lot of thought, I narrowed down a few things I wanted to incorporate, came up with an overall theme and slowly started trying things out in the room. I do have tiny things here and there we would like to add (a bookshelf or two and loads of books) but we will probably wait a bit. But for now, here is a sneak peak! 


So there you have it! VERY simple and minimalistic but as soon as our little guy begins to grow up I am sure the room will become cluttered with mounds of toys and books. 

Here are the links to where I purchased most of the items in the photos:

Hey Baby and "G" prints: A friend made them  

Bear, Rabbit, Lion, Tiger Prints: Typologie Paper Co (these have been discontinued but you can find many other nursery and children's prints) 

White 12x12 inch photo frames: Target 

Crib (with bonus mattress) in color Gray: Target

Bedding Set: Target

Mobile (has been discontinued but here is one similar): Target

Black Triangle Wall Decals: Amazon

Stripped Rug (5'x7'): Urban Outfitters

Dresser / Changing table: Ikea

Changing Pad Cover: Amazon

Diaper Pail: Target

Animal Prints: Rifle Paper Co

8x10 White Frames: Target

Giant 53" Teddy Bear (color tan): Costco

Husky Stuffed Animals: Ikea

Patterned Diapers: The Honest Company