I love a good sugar scrub! It makes my skin so soft and luxurious ... but my goodness does it add up! I was browsing around the internet and came across this rose sugar scrub on Cupcakes and Cashmere and knew I had to share it with you all. It's so easy and only takes about 5 minutes ... plus, it makes for a perfect gift!

You will need...

fine granulated sugar

organic coconut oil

essential oils (you choose your favorite scent!)

a jar or vessel to put the goodness in

rose petals (optional)


If you can stir things in a bowl, you can make this DIY sugar scrub. Simply mix 2 parts sugar with 1 or 1/2 parts coconut oil and stir so that you have the consistency of slightly wet sand.

Then mix in 2 drops each of your chosen essential oils and stir again and toss in some fresh or dried rose petals for a pretty detail. Now spoon it into a cute container that’s perfect for gifting, and string a gift tag on it. You can obviously address it to whoever you want, but I find that this is always a good go-to just in case you want to repurpose something! 

It also doesn’t hurt to double the recipe so that you can keep some for yourself! It’s all-organic, and you can make heaps of sugar scrub with the standard ingredient portions!

xoxo, Toni