So it's been quite some time since I have brought you all up to date on my ETSY shop and how things are doing. 

Well first of all, I still do have my shop and am working on it part-time and am loving every second of it. The Lord has used this and has just blown it up in ways I couldn't even imagine. It has even led to this website which will eventually include a print shop in addition to my ETSY shop alive ... all the same prints, just on two different platforms. 

So since I opened my shop up in September of 2016, I have had over 700 sales and over 100 five star reviews! I also now have over 550 prints available for purchase with a new batch coming hopefully every month. 

So yeah, things are doing great and my goal is to make this a long term and full time business so I am able to stay home with the baby (coming in November) while still being able to pay the bills. But God has it all in His hands and will provide like He always does. 

So there you go, brief summary and update!

xoxo, Toni