I'm a sucker when it comes to baby clothes. So when I saw that Target and Cat and Jack were offering a seasonal subscription box, I had to get in on that action. 

I'll be honest ... I wasn't quite sure what my thoughts were about this. I am surprisingly picky when it comes to baby clothes. But since Cat and Jack was involved, I knew it wouldn't be too much a risk. So I ordered and anxiously awaited for my box of goodies to arrive. Of course, I say "my box" but really I mean Grayson's box ... but let's be honest, it's for both of us. 

It took less than a week to arrive at my doorstep and with hesitated excitement, I opened up the box and was pleasantly surprised with the contents! I absolutely loved each piece and can't wait for Grayson to wear them. 

This is a subscription I will be keeping around for sure. It is $40 for either a girl or boy box and it is designed by the size you pick. Keep in mind that they do sell out quite fast, so make sure and get it when you can or just sign up for the subscription ... that way you don't have to worry about it. 

Here's a peek at what's inside...

Super cute, right?!

xoxo, Toni

Toni Scott