image credit: Trader Joes

image credit: Trader Joes

Everyone knows Trader Joes has beyond amazing food products, but did you know they have an even more amazing line of beauty products?

Yep. Trader Joe's, the master of frozen orange chicken has introduced a whole new line of rose beauty products to go along with their already amazing beauty products. 

I bought the rose water toner this past week and my goodness, the best thing ever. As a mom who is running around trying to get everything done, a little spray on my face of this rose toner is just what I need. It revitalizes me and makes me feel fresh ... even if I haven't showered in over a day. I know, gross ... but hey, welcome to mom life ... showers are a luxury. 

So mist that Rose Water Facial Toner onto your beautiful face after cleansing (give TJ’s Facial Cleansing Oil a try) or as needed throughout the day for a quick refresher. Pack a bottle in your purse, gym bag, or carry-on for on-the-go toning and/or in-the-air hydrating. The formula is so mild and gentle that there is really no such thing as “too much Toner”—so feel free to spritz this soothingly-scented spray anytime you need a moment of calm.

Each 4 ounce bottle is only $3.99!! And as if you needed an excuse to stop off at TJ's ... now you have one! Check out more here.

xoxo, Toni