I am (for the most part) a clean freak. I love when things are clean and organized. But reality sure does hit when you have a baby and somehow the dishes start to stack up, the house it collecting way too much dust and the pantry get trashed. 

So in the spirit of spring cleaning, it was time to straightened up the house and most importantly the pantry...

So while Joey kept the baby occupied and happy, mom (me) got to work. I don't know about you but I am someone who does better when it comes to cleaning by cleaning alone. Are you like that? I just love to stick some headphones in and just blast music while cleaning. I am in like my own little world and it's the best. 

The first thing I tackled was the upstairs bathroom and bedrooms. Then I made my way downstairs, cleaned the downstairs bathroom and living room ... and then it was time for my biggest project. The kitchen and even more so ... the pantry. 

Here's what I was looking at here...


And here is the after...


Looks a lot better, right? 

Multiple thanks to The Container StoreTarget and H&M for the many products used to make this happen. Here are the links to the products I used:

Gold Circle Storage Basket (they no longer have the circle basket, but here is an alternative) $17.99
Gold Square Storage Basket $9.99
Gold Rectangle Storage Basket $14.99

The Container Store
Multipurpose Bins $3.99 - $6.99
Canvas Quilted Bin $15.99
Grain Container $17.99
InterDesign Deep Fridge Bins $10.99 - $14.99

Tiered Shelf Organizer - $11.99


Toni Scott