As the 2018 Bikini Series is coming up, I am reminded of how I used to view my body and how I pretty much shamed myself and told myself that I would never look like any of the other girls, no matter how hard I tried.

When it came to body image, all my mind went to was perfection. I strived to have that perfect body no matter the cost. My health and sanity took a backseat because I just wanted to be like the women on the magazines I saw at the store, or the actresses with perfect hair and makeup I saw on television. My view on body image was so directed and focused on flawless perfection ... which, let's be honest, does not exist. It just doesn't. Everyone has a flaw.

Ever since I can remember, I struggled with my weight and the infamous yo-yo dieting. I would lose a ton of weight but just turn right back around and gain it all back and more. There were times when I honestly would eat maybe one meal a day because well ... not eating makes you lose weight, right? My way of thinking was so wrong. 

I did end up just not caring about what I ate so much and counting calories and stopped focusing to much on being perfect. This happened right around the time I got married. I would make dinner for my husband and I would just eat what I made. It was actually quite freeing to be honest. I wasn't gaining any weight and was just maintaining really. However, that is not to stay that I was in shape. I was still chubby and overweight and about a year after getting married, I was pregnant. Let me be clear, it was totally planned haha and we couldn't be happier. But as you all know, with pregnancy comes weight gain and not really caring about what you put in your body. Well let's be honest, pregnancy is kind of an excuse to eat whatever you want ... and I used that excuse A LOT! I am not the only one out there right? 

Well, fast forward to December 2017 when I gave birth to my beloved baby boy and left me with a mommy body. You know, the little pooch on the belly and just the feeling of being out of shape. But my mind was just so focused on taking care of my baby and not on myself and getting in shape. Then comes Valentines's Day 2018 ... I remember buying something all cute for my hubby (and me) and after I put it on, I looked at myself in the mirror in well, disgust for lack of a better word. I was flabby and bore stretch marks all across my belly and thighs. It was at that moment I knew I needed to make a change. 

And my journey to that change started around March when I joined Tone It Up. At first I wasn't really following the nutrition plan but rather just began working out five days a week ... and I did start seeing and feeling so much better. But things changed so dramatically when I did start eating healthy and following both the nutrition plan and the working out to the studio tone it up app. Now, I have quite a ways to go ... about 60 pounds to loose to be exact and this is just in time for the Bikini Series 2018. 

Now, I have had such emotional rollercoasters with the scale, so during this 8 week journey, I will only be weighing myself at the start of the journey and at the end. This is not all about just losing weight ... this is about changing my body from the inside out. 

I am so excited to change my viewpoint of perfection and just be me. Hope you all can join me!! The Bikini Series starts May 7, so sign up today here!


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